NormFinder software

Determine the optimal normalization gene

NormFinder is an algorithm for identifying the optimal normalization gene among a set of candidates.

It ranks the set of candidate normalization genes according to their expression stability in a given sample set and given experimental design. 

NormFinder can analyze expression data obtained through any quantitative method e.g. real time RT-PCR and microarray based expression analysis.

"NormFinder.xla" adds the NormFinder functionality directly to Excel. A version for R ( updated June 2014) is also available.


The NormFinder software is free for both academical and commercial use. Modification or redistribution of the software is not allowed.
When publishing scientific results, where NormFinder software has been used, please cite the original article.

Several alternative normalization software is available, find more information here.


The add-on is compatible with 32 bit Office versions 2003, 2010, 2016. Running the add-on in MS Office 64-bit versions or Mac Offce 2019 will cause the error 438.


We have published the algorithm in 2004:

Andersen C.L., Ledet-Jensen J., Ørntoft T.: Normalization of real-time quantitative RT-PCR data: a model based variance estimation approach to identify genes suited for normalization - applied to bladder- and colon-cancer data-sets.
Cancer Research. 2004 (64): 5245-5250 PubMed Supplementary data


Documentation for Excel (v20, May 2010)

Documentation for R (v5, January 2015)

NormFinder FAQ

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