Gene Panels Cancer and Heart

We offer two large gene panels sequenced by targeted NGS - MOMA Hereditary Cancer Panel v3 and MOMA Heart Panel v4.
The third gene panel Thoracic aorta dilation is ordered and analyzed seperately from the MOMA Heart Panel.

A number of gene subpanels for either cancer or heart are grouped by syndromes or disease and listed below.
Subpanels can be ordered alone or in combination. Subsequent ordering of subpanels (without sending a new blood sample) is possible at a fixed fee.

For more information in Danish, please refer to the website of the Department of Molecular Medicine at Aarhus University Hospital.

MOMA Hereditary Cancer Panel v3

106 genes, 2017-01-01, targeted NGS

Gene list MOMA Cancerpanel v3 
(updated 2019-07-01)

MOMA Heart Panel v4 

102 genes, 2018-08-15, targeted NGS

Gene list MOMA Heart Panel v4

Panel Thoracic Aorta Dilation v4

27 genes, 2018-08-15

Gene list MOMA Thoracic Aorta Dilation v4