Accomplished Research Programs

Details on selected accomplished research programs


NoNEDG (2005-2010)

From 2005 to 2010, MDL/MOMA participated in the "Nordic Centre of Excellence Programme in Molecular Medicine", funded by the Joint Committee of the Nordic Medical Research Councils, the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Academy for Advanced Study.

MDL/MOMA was part of the Nordic Network of Excellence in Disease Genetics (NoNEDG) and one of the six participating research teams from Denmark, Finland and Sweden. The network was coordinated by Academy professor Leena Peltonen, Biomedicum at University of Helsinki, who sadly passed away in March 2010. 

 Press Release 2004


MicroRNA Research Consortium (2006-2008)

MDL/MOMA participated in ”The MicroRNA Research Consortium – Towards novel molecular targets for LNA-based cancer therapy” from January 2006 to April 2008.

The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation under the Ministry of Science has granted 10 million Danish Kroner for the development of diagnostic techniques to measure microRNA. The consortium consists of The University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University Hospital (MDL), Bioneer, Exiqon, Visiopharm and Novo Nordisk including Steno Diabetes Center. Together with the investements of the participants the budget will be 32 million Danish Kroner over three years. 



Current Research Networks and Large Projects

Effects of Germline Structural Variation on the Biology and Pathology of the Large Intestine (2021-2024)

CIRCPAC – A National Randomized Trial Investigating the Clinical Benefit of circulating tumor DNA Guided Recurrence Surveillance After Resection for Pancreatic Cancer (2020-)

UTILITY - Using liquid tumor biopsies & genetic testing to guide personalized treatment of advanced prostate cancer: From discovery to clinical care. (2020-)

TOMBOLA - Treatment of Metastatic Bladder cancer at the time of biochemical reLApse following radicial cystectomy (2020-)

DCCC ctDNA Research Center - Danish National Center for Circulating Tumor DNA Guided cancer Treatment (2020-)

DCCC Danish circulating tumor DNA network (DCCC ctDNA) (2019-)

NorDCaP  - Nordic Implementation of Personalised Prostate Cancer Diagnostics (2019-)

PRIMA - Early and accurate detection of prostate cancer in general practice (2018-)

IMPROVE - Implementing Non-invasive Circulating Tumor DNA Analysis to Optimize the Operative and Postoperative Treatment for Patients With Colorectal Cancer (2018-2025)

IMPROVE-IT - Intervention Trial Implementing Non-invasive Circulating Tumor DNA Analysis to Optimize the Operative and Postoperative Treatment for Patients With Colorectal Cancer (2018-2025)

IMPROVE-IT2 - Implementing noninvasive circulating tumor DNA analysis to optimize the operative and postoperative treatment for patients with colorectal cancer – intervention trial 2 (2018-2025)

"Individualized monitoring of cancer by deep sequencing of circulating tumor DNA in patients with advanced bladder cancer "(2017-)

PROCARIS - A new strategy to prevent overdiagnosis and overtreatment of non-aggressive prostate cancer in the aging male population (2016-)

PAGER - Analyzis of personal genomic rearrangements for surveillance of patients with bladder cancer (2013-)

OPRA - Oncology Precision Medicine Project Aarhus (2017-)

NEXT - Danish study of personalised cancer therapy based on tumor genetics (2017-)

""Early detection of recurrence and more curative therapy for colon cancer patients" (2016-2020)

PanCancer Analysis of Whole Genomes (PCAWG) Project (2015-)


Accomplished Research Programs

NoNEDG  - Nordic Centre of Excellence Programme in Molecular Medicine (2005-2010)

The MicroRNA Research Consortium – Towards novel molecular targets for LNA-based cancer therapy (2006-2008)

NOCRC "Novel Colorectal Cancer Screening Tools Improve Survival and Cost-effectiveness" (2014-2019) 

Improved Molecular Diagnostics for Prostate Cancer, The Danish National Advanved Technology Foundation (2013-2017)

SYSCOL - EU FP7 project "Systems Biology of Colorectal Cancer" (2011-2015)

MOLPROS - "Molecular Prediction of Prostate Cancer Risk and Aggressiveness" (MPRAS), The Danish Council for Strategic Research (2011-2014)

Uromol - EU FP7 project "Prediction of bladder cancer disease course using risk scores that combine molecular and clinical risk factors" (2008-2013)

CETAME - The Lundbeck Foundation Center for Translational Medicine (2008-2013)

CMCC - Center for Molecular Clinical Cancer Research, A John and Birthe Meyer Cancer Center (2005-2014)

"Improved Molecular Diagnostics for Prostate Cancer" (2013-2017), Innovation Fund Denmark

"Precision medicine for clinically localised prostate cancer" (2014-2017), Danish Cancer Society, Knæk Cancer bevilling 2012

"Genetic stratification for prostate cancer risk and aggressiveness evaluated by a clinical intervention study" (2015-2017), Danish Cancer Society, Knæk Cancer bevilling 2014

"Precision medicine for colon cancer using the genetic profile of the patient" (2015-2017), Danish Cancer Society, Knæk Cancer bevilling 2014

"More precise diagnosis for men with prostate cancer", (2015-2018), Danish Cancer Society, Knæk Cancer bevilling 2013

Long non-coding RNAs as biomarkers and novel drivers of human bladder cancer (2014-2017)