Graduations and Scientific Reports






2022 Mateo Sokač Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Using machine learning to improve patient stratification for precision medicine PhD
2022 Nanna Kristiansdottir Exploring the TCR Repertoire for Detection of Recurrence and Progression in Bladder Cancer Patients Using TCR-Seq, and Protocol Development for Single Cell Sequencing MSc
2022 Astrid Minna Esbensen A method development study to understand TurnerSyndrome associated infertility: Isolation of viable ovarian cells and deciphering of the ovarian surface-marker expression profile and cell-cell communication landscape MSc
2022 Janne Engestoft Identifying Copy Number Signatures by Latent Dirichlet Allocation MSc
2022 Laura Andersen Characterizing the role of tumor growth dynamics and proliferation in ctDNA release MSc
2022 Asbjørn Kjær Establishing a pipeline for analysis of T-cell receptor sequencing data and characterizing the impact of the T-cell repertoire on the clinical outcome of bladder cancer MSc
2022 Laura Elgaard Iisager Jensen Detection of circulating tumor DNA in hormone-sensitive prostate cancer patients using cfMeDIP-seq MSc
2022 Eva Ferlev Jensby Profiling of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in biopsy naïve males undergoing MRI scan due to suspicion of prostate cancer  MSc
2022 Tenna Vesterman Henriksen Circulating Tumor DNA for Residual Disease Assessment in Colorectal Cancer; Implications for Adjuvant Treatment Decisions and Recurrence Surveillance  PhD
2022 Simon Grund Sørensen The genetic footprint of DNA damage response deficiencies in cancer PhD
2022 Nadia Øgaard DNA methylation markers for blood-based detection of colorectal cancer PhD
2021 Randi Istrup Juul Characterization and use of DNA positions that are recurrently mutated across cancer patients PhD
2021 Emma Bruun Johannsen The Genetics of Klinefelter Syndrome: Isolation of Testicular Cells and Profiling of Circular RNA MSc
2021 Karoline Kondrup Torstensson Implementation of cfMeDIP-seq for investigation of methylated ctDNA in metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer MSc
2021 Sara Kaczor Poulsen Biomarkers of chemotherapy response in patients with advanced bladder cancer MSc
2021 Ann Taber Prognostic and Predictive Biomarkers in Bladder Cancer PhD
2020 Maibritt Nørgaard Identification of novel biomarkers in prostate cancer to improve clinical management PhD
2020 Marianne Trier Bjerre DNA methylation biomarkers for prostate cancer. Identification and evaluation of blood-based methylation biomarkers PhD
2020 Trine Strandgaard Comprehensive Analysis of Molecular Alterations in Normal Tissue for Prediction of Disease Outcome and Treatment Response in Bladder Cancer part A /MSc
2020 Mateo Sokač Utilization of Artificial Intelligence Towards Precision Medicine: Interplay Between Chromosomal Instability and Immune System part A / MSc
2020 Ea Marie Sørensen Investigation of olaparib resistance mechanisms in advanced prostate cancer MSc
2020 Martin Rasmussen Investigating the tumor microenvironment of localized prostate cancer MSc
2020 Emma K.B. Laursen Circular RNAs in Prostate Cancer and Their Potential as Clinical Biomarkers part A / MSc
2020 Jakob Haldrup Identification of molecular drivers of prostate cancer aggressiveness and drug resistance PhD
2020 Søren Klingenberg PSMA PET/CT and new tumor markers in prostate cancer  Medical Research Year Report
2020 Trine Block Mattesen Molecular subtyping for improved prognostication of colorectal cancer PhD
2019 Line Bager Andersen Assessment and validation of immune biomarker candidates for prostate cancer using tissue miceoarrays Medical Research Year Report
2019 Trine Line Okholm Circular RNAs in cancer and their biomarker potential PhD
2019 Sarah Østrup Jensen Early detection of colorectal cancer using circulating tumor DNA methylation markers PhD
2019 Lena Marie Skindhøj Petersen Circulating Tumor DNA as a Molecular Marker for Residual Disease and Early Detection of Relapses; Implication for recurrence monitoring in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients MSc
2019 Josephine Gladov Characterization of a Naturally Occurring Genetic Variation Affecting the Aggressiveness of Colorectal Cancer MSc
2019 Simone Weiss :Evaluation of Cabazitaxel Resistance Mechanisms in Advanced Prostate Cancer Using CRISPR-Cas9 Screening MSc
2019 Sigrid Salling Árnadóttir Intra- and inter-tumor heterogeneity of colorectal cancer PhD
2019 Gustav A. Poulsgaard Localized Mutational Processes in Cancer MSc
2019 Sia Viborg Lindskrog Large-scale transcriptomic characterization of early-stage bladder cancer MSc
2018 Iben Lyskjær Evaluation of molecular markers of treatment response in metastatic colon cancer PhD
2018 Simon Grund Detection of association between structural variation and repair pathway deficiencies across 2,800 whole-genome cancer samples MSc
2018 Christian Stenvang Profiling circRNA in Spermatogenesis MSc
2018 Amanda Johansen Development of Stranded Barcode Sequencing for Ultra-Sensitive Detection of Circulating Tumor DNA in Colorectal Cancer Patients MSc
2018 Sofie Schmøkel Protocol Development for Single Cell Sequencing in Bladder Cancer MSc
2018 Tenna Henriksen Circulating Tumor DNA as a Molecular Marker for Residual Disease and Early Detection of Relapse: Implications for Adjuvant Treatment Decisions and Recurrence Monitoring MSc
2018 Malene Blond Exploring the association between DNA repair gene mutations and sensitivity to PARP inhibitors and Platinum Based Chemotherapy in prostate cancer cell lines MSc
2018 Stine Hedensted  Investigating the tumor microenvironment in localized prostate cancer as a tool for improved risk stratification and individualized treatment MSc
2018 Mai-Britt Ørntoft The development of blood-based tests for colorectal cancer screening: How far are liquid biopsy biomarkers from clinical implementation PhD
2018 Emil Christensen Circulating tumor DNA as biomarkers in advanced bladder cancer PhD
2017 Tobias Madsen Robust Statistical Methods for Significance Evaluation and Applications in Cancer Driver Detection and Biomarker Discovery PhD
2017 Morten Møbjerg Callesen Porcine Models of Human Cancers PhD
2017 Malene Juul Rasmussen Non-coding driver detection founded on a detailed description of mutation processes in cancer PhD
2017 Randi Istrup Pedersen Characterization of genomic positions recurrently mutated across cancer genomes MSc
2017 Lone Vedel Schøler Clinical implications of analyzing circulating tumor DNA in colorectal cancer patients PhD
2017 Mathilde Borg Houlberg Thomsen Characterization of tumour heterogeneity and cellular subpopulations in bladder cancer PhD
2017 Kristian K. Ambjørn Groth Marfan syndrome: Diagnostics, epidemiology, and aortic events PhD
2016 Ann Taber Analysis of Tumor Markers Associated with Chemotherapy Response in Patients with Advanced Bladder Cancer Medical Research Year Report
2016 Mia Møller The Molecular Variations in Prostate Cancer – an Epigenetic Study with a Transcriptomic Twist PhD
2016 Christian Trolle The impact of female X-chromosome aneuploidies on the epigenome and transcriptome PhD
2016 Katrine Bødker Rubach-Larsen Small RNA Sequencing as a Method for miRNA Detection – Prognostic Biomarkers for Prostate Cancer MSc
2016 Nadia Øgaard Identification of Novel Long Non-Coding RNAs in Prostate Cancer by Capture RNA Sequencing And Evaluation of the Diagnostic Potential of four DNA Methylation Markers for Prostate Cancer in Plasma and Serum MSc
2016 Siri Hundtofte Strand The biomarker potential of DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation alterations in prostate cancer PhD
2016 Christine Kassentoft Identification and validation of DNA methylation biomarkers predicting response towards oxaliplatin based treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer patients MSc
2016 Jakob Haldrup Development of Novel Biomarkers for Prostate Cancer by Transcriptome Sequencing and CRISPR-Cas9 Genome-Editing MSc
2015 Maibritt Nørgaard Jacobsen Integration of DNA Methylation and RNA Expression Data: Identification of Novel Epigenetically Deregulated Biomarkers for Prostate Cancer Development and Aggressiveness MSc
2015 Trine Block Mattesen Molecular subtyping of colorectal cancer to improve prognostic biomarker identification MSc
2015 Michał Świtnicki Integrative cancer genomics analysis of gene expression and DNA methylation PhD
2015 Martin Mørck Mortensen The molecular signature of clinically localized prostate cancer PhD
2015 Anne Skakkebæk Klinefelter syndrome – brain, behavior and genetic aspects PhD
2015 Sarah Østrup Jensen Identification of novel blood-based biomarkers for early detection of colorectal cancer MSc
2015 Sigrid Salling Árnadóttir Intra-Tumor Heterogeneity in Colorectal Cancer MSc (part A exam)
2015 Helle Kristensen Identification of genetic and epigenetic biomarkers for prostate cancer PhD
2014 Anne Lykke Pedersen Characterization of ST6GALNAC3 and ZNF660 as Novel Biomarkers for Prostate Cancer MSc
2014 Dennis K. Jeppesen Bladder Cancer Exosomes: Isolation Procedures and Characterization of Content PhD
2014 Kasper Faarkrog Characterization of lncRNA expression in bladder cancer MSc
2014 Mia Møller Genetic and Epigenetic Heterogeneity of Prostate Cancer MSc (part A exam)
2014 Bjarke Primdal-Bengtson Construction of a Sleeping Beauty based Vector System for an Inducible Expression of Rab27b; a Regulator of Exosome Release MSc
2014 Jens Reumert Laurberg
Identification of markers for metastases and treatment response in stage T1-4 bladder tumours
2013 Kirsten True
Long noncoding RNAs in colorectal cancer: in vivo expression analysis and functional characterisation in vitro
2013 Steffen Grann Jensen Early detection of colorectal cancer based on microRNA in blood PhD
2013 Mads Krogh Jensen Significance analysis of exome and whole genome SNV data using random walk theory MSc in bioinformatics
2013 Siri Strand Prostate cancer biomarker discovery: DNA methylation, lncRNA expression and cell line aggression models MSc (part A exam)
2013 Iben Lyskjær
Functional characterization of miRNAs predicting response to chemotherapeutic treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer using a transposon-based shRNA-inducible vector system
2013 Niels Fristrup
Identification of markers for progression and BCG treatment response in bladder cancer
2013 Trine Lindsted (CSH, USA)
Understanding Tumor Heterogeneity in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
2012 Lene Linnet Aberrant DNA methylation in colorectal cancer MSc
2012 Anders Christiansen The Involvement of Karyopherin Alpha 2 (KPNA2) in the
Proliferation, Motility and DNA Repair of Cancer Cells
2012 Jørgen Thomas Reinert Comprehensive DNA methylation analysis in bladder cancer: application of methylation markers for diagnosis, surveillance and prediction of recurrence PhD
2012 Anne-Sofie Lynnerup

Tissue microarray construktion and prostate cancer candidate markers

Medical research year rapport
2012 Diem Nguyen Bentzon Descriptive Epidemilogy, Molecular Biology and Genetics of Hereditary Prostate Cancer in Denmark PhD
2011 Helle Kristensen Epigenetic regulation and possible functional roles of miR-224, miR-452 and their host gene GABRE in prostate cancer MSc
2011 Kristian Qvist Hansen Evaluation of selected DNA damage response proteins as prognostic biomarkers in stage II and III colorectal cancer Medical research year rapport
2010 Anja Holm Functional screening identifies miRNAs that induce apoptosis and/or inhibit proliferation in colorectal cancer MSc
2010 Christoffer Mørk Sørensen Production of T1-4 bladder cancer tissue microarray (TMA) and test of candidate biomarkers of metastasis Medical research year rapport
2010 Heidi Tobiasen Identification and functional characterization of four miRNAs whose expression level is associated with the outcome of stage II CRC MSc
2010 Troels Schepler MicroRNAs associated with colorectal cancer and the Wnt-pathway PhD
2010 Annette Søndergaard The Role of miRNAs in Chemotherapy Response in Bladder Cancer MSc
2010 Anne Sofie Brems-Eskildsen Identification of biomarkers in bladder cancer for diagnosis and treatment response PhD
2009 Niels Fristrup Construction of a tissue microarray and test of survivin, maspin and cathepsin E as prognostic markers for progression to muscle invasive disease in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer Medical research year rapport
2009 Mette Opstrup Nielsen Identification of biomarkers for prostate cancer – the possible importance of zink finger family proteins Medical research year rapport
2009 Hanne Bak Jensen Characterisation of SMARCC1 – a transcription regulator deregulated in colorectal cancer MSc
2009 Diina Ramshanker Ramanathan miRNA detection in urine for early diagnosis of bladder cancer/miRNAs involved in the progression of bladder cancer Medical research year rapport
2008 Asger Østerberg-Eller Validation of biomarkers for the prognosis of stage II colorectal cancer Medical research year rapport
2008 Rehne Hansen Prostate cancer TMA Medical research year rapport
2007 Sara Heebøll Validering af kandidatgener ved udvikling af Prostata Cancer Medical research year rapport
2006 Troels Schepeler Wnt regulation of Clusterin MSc
2006 Nils Magnusson Microarray based studies of cell death, a method development and application study PhD
2006 Birgitte Søndergaard Braüner Identification and characterization of TNRC9 – a novel gene associated with bladder cancer MSc
2006 Mads Aaboe Jensen Genome-wide gene expression profiling of early bladder cancer, and functional characterization of target genes, using microarrays PhD
2006 Sanne Harder Olesen Identification and characterization of new potential oncogenes and tumour suppresoor genes in human colorectal cancer PhD
2005 Kim Nielsen Altered gene and protein expression in corneal epithelium from keratoconus patients PhD
2003 Lars Dyskjøt Andersen Classification of bladder cancer by micro array expression profiling - towards a general clinical use of micro arrays in cancer diagnostics PhD
2003 Martin K Thomsen title MSc
2003 Casper Møller Frederiksen Classification of colorectal cancer using microarrays PhD
2002 Hanne Primdahl Genomic instabilty in human bladder cancer PhD
2001 Malene Herbsleb From microarrays to pathways – the role of NGAL in cancer development MSc
2001 Lise Lotte Christensen Functional Analysis of the Human alpha-1,3/4-fucosyltransferases PhD
2000 Mette Gaustadnes Hyperhomocysteinemia and Thrombosis: Studies of Genetic Implications PhD
2000 Mariann Christensen Chromosomal Instability in Bladder and Colon Cancer PhD
1999 Else Marie Vestergaard Molecular genetics of Lewis and secretor genes PhD
1999 Einar Bech Anti-GM1 Antibodies in Acquired Demyelinating Neuropathies PhD
1997 Peter Meldgaard Changes in expression of glycosyltransferase genes, associated with malignant transformation of human urothelium PhD
1996 Niels Christian Langkilde Studies on the expression of T-(Galbeta (1-3)GalNAcalpha1-O-R) and T-like antigens in normal and pathologic human and rat urothelium doctorate