Test details

Turnaround times

Our turnaround times are 4 weeks for diagnosis of a known variant, and 8 weeks for all other panels and exomes. 
There can occur some delay during holiday seasons.


Please contact our diagnostic staff for analyses costs.

Technical details

The NGS analysis comprises coding exons of the listed genes plus 10 bp of the flanking introns with a minimum coverage of 30x.

CNV analysis

All genes included in the ordered gene panel are analyzed for copy number variations (CNV), including genes located on X- or Y-chromosomes. 
We use the Exome Depth and Delly2 software for in-silico analysis of NGS data.

CNV findings are confirmed by the MLPA method, if possible.


For the gene PMS2 we apply both methods (MLPA and in-silico analysis) routinely.


We analyze mosaisicm in a single gene when ordered separately after a gene panel analysis. This analysis is not accredited.

Genetic test report

We deliver written reports to the requisitioner, either electronically in pdf-format (MidtEPJ or by tunnel-crypted e-mail), or by postal mail/fax. We do not report by telephone.
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Please, contact our academic staff with any questions or for further information.